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Welcome to the BSA Troop 1855 website!  We are chartered by Journey Church in Folsom, California and part of the El Dorado District of the Golden Empire Council.  Troop 1855 serves youth in Folsom and the surrounding communities to further the Mission of the Boy Scouts of America:  To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

We meet on Mondays at Journey Church, Folsom. PLC meets 1st Monday of the month. Troop Committee meets 1st Thursday of the month.

Troop 1855 is grateful for any donations.  Your donation will go directly to assist our scouts have an exciting and educational year-round program. Please note the purpose of the donation in the comment section of your payment, ie: Christmas tree recycling, John Doe scout account, etc.  You can make a donation at: http://paypal.me/boyscouttroop1855

If you have any questions, please call or email:
     Christmas Tree Recycling Coordinator:  Fergus Leckie, (530) 310-5828, xmastreerecycling@troop1855.org
     Treasurer:  Mike Damico, (916) 716-4616, treasurer@troop1855.org 
     Committee Chair:  Dawn Leckie, (530) 310-2828, committeechair@troop1855.org 

Laguna Seca Raceway Campout – Scout Event Summary

Posted on Jul 9 2018 - 10:37am

            All of us had fun at Laguna Seca.  On Friday only two of us watched the practice before everyone else got there.  On Saturday, we watched a few races from our camp, then we went to the paddock and gift shop.  We watched a few races then got to sit in one of the cars, which was a supercharged Lamborghini.  After that, some of us went up to the Corkscrew and watched races there.  After lunch, we went back to the Corkscrew and watched some more.  After dinner, all of us scouts hung out and played a bunch of games, including hide-and-seek, infection and Mafia.  On Sunday we ate a quick breakfast and went our separate ways.

2018 Summer Camp Emerald Bay at Catalina Island – Scout Event Summary

Posted on Jul 9 2018 - 10:36am

           We started our trip to Camp Emerald Bay by going on a 7 hour car drive. After that drive, we stopped at Santa Monica and stayed the night at the U.S.S. Iowa. We woke up the next morning and took a two hour ferry ride to camp. One day we took a war canoe that fit ten people and we paddled around a part of the island to a beach where we hung out and swam. We stayed the night on the sand and rocks. Then the next morning we canoed back to camp.  At camp, we started to work on our merit badges, a lot of which were centered on the water.  We could do motor boating, small boat sailing, swimming, lifesaving, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, rowing, and more.  Some of us did a 15 mile bike ride.  During our free time, we could go bike riding, snorkeling, hiking, and go to the aquarium. We had three camp fires at camp, which included announcements, skits, and songs.  The food was great. After camp we took the ferry back to Santa Monica, then had another long drive home. This was definitely one of the best camps I’ve been to and I would go again.  I would highly recommend this camp.  The staff was really great and we had a blast!

Moaning Caverns Trip Summary

Posted on May 22 2018 - 8:44am

First when we Arrived on a Friday we set up our campsites and set boundaries. Then Saturday morning we were up and made breakfast and a sack lunch. Then we left for moaning caverns. There were two groups one went in the cave at 9:30am then the next group went in at 11:30am. It was super fun inside the cave and we all got muddy. On the outside of the cave we went on a 1/4 mile zip line, went shopping inside their gift shop and rock climbed. After that at about 4:30pm we went back to the campsite, started dinner played games, and rode bikes. In the morning we woke up and packed up what we hadn’t already packed up. We left at about 9:00 and were home by 11:00. Overall it was a great trip and we all had a blast.

First Trail Campout Summary

Posted on May 22 2018 - 8:11am

We arrived and set up camp at our usual campground at Beals Pt. on Friday, May 4th. There were 52 scouts going on the trip. While EDGE trainers learned what they needed to teach, the first year scouts worked on requirements and read passages from their scout books. The next day, using the EDGE method, older scouts taught the younger scouts (and other newer scouts to the troop) skills needed for the fireman and totin' chips. The scouts were also taught how to tie basic knots and lashings. On Sunday, May 6th, The scouts went on a 5 mile hike near Folsom Lake. They were taught orienteering skills before the hike. After First Class Trail, many second year scouts are a mere stone's throw away from first class (Hence the name First Class Trail.)

Merit Badge Day — Scout Summary

Posted on May 21 2018 - 7:28pm

Merit Badge Day – Scout Summary

 The Merit Badge Day was a fun filled day with excitement and leadership. Our troop’s Merit Badge Day had a lot of merit badges including: Collections, Citizen in the World, Citizen in the Nation, Weather, Automotive Maintenance, Cycling, Orienteering, Camping and Digital Technology. We also had great food and periodic breaks throughout the day. Our Merit Badge Day this year was also open to other troops; therefore allowing us to create new friendship.  All in all our Merit Badge Day was successful and fun.

Pt. Reyes

Posted on Apr 16 2018 - 7:46pm

On Sunday morning, March 25th, we met at Folsom Middle School to divide up food, tents and carpool over to Pt. Reyes National Seashore. We drove to the Bear Valley Visitor Center, about 2 hours away, and thirty five of us, in three groups, started our hike there. Two joined us at the camp much later. We hiked through lots of different kinds of vegetation. First, we hiked through a green forest that almost looked like a tropical rain forest. Then, we hiked past pine trees and scraggly bushes. Then, close to the coast, there were hills with drier vegetation and grasses. The weather was fair with few clouds. We hiked a total of 6.5 miles with our backpacks to Wildcat Campground, dropped our packs, and then headed down the beach toward Alamere Falls. The falls flowed over a small coastal cliff into the ocean. After that, we had a campfire on the beach, thanks to Mr. Sing carrying in bundles of firewood. The next day, March 26th, we divided up into two groups, and one group that was training for Philmont hiked 8.1 miles to Coast Camp. The other group hiked approximately 7.5 miles up to Sky Camp. On Tuesday the 27th, we hiked back to Bear Valley Visitor Center and then many of us enjoyed a satisfying lunch in Point Reyes Station. It was quite a lot drier and more scenic than our trip two years ago.

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